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  • Container-based applications have disrupted the world of Cloud Computing.
  • Docker is the dominant Container format in use today.
  • Kubernetes is the most popular Container Orchestration Environment.
  • Companies are looking for people that can work with these systems.

  • Container-based applications have disrupted the world of Cloud Computing.
  • Docker is the dominant Container format in use today.
  • Kubernetes is dominating the field of Container Orchestration.
  • Companies are looking for people that can work with these systems.

You: Need to understand how to use Kubernetes to accelerate and automate your application deployment or to advance your career.

We: Will train you on how Kubernetes and Docker work together, and how you can leverage these tools to build and manage a container-based application deployment.

In this class you’ll learn to easily deploy a development-capable environment and walk you through the basic resources and tools needed to deploy a containerized app.


Kubernetes is an Open Source project derived from Google’s container management platform, which has gone from a simple container deployment model to a production grade container management solution in under 2 years, driven by a strong open source community.

You will learn:

  • Kubernetes System Architecture
  • Docker Container Basics
  • Using Pods, Deployments, and Services
  • Networks and Persistent Storage for Applications
  • Monitoring and Logging Applications and Container Infrastructure

Earn Your Certificate

Don’t just think you know Kubernetes. Knowledge reviews throughout the class and a final, optional certificate review help you know what you’ve learned and what you still need to work on.

About This Course

Level: Introductory/Beginner

Course Format: Online, Instructor-led

Who Should Take This:
Anyone that needs an introduction to Kubernetes including:

  • Application Developers
  • Systems Administrators
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architects
  • Datacenter administrators
  • Operations teams

Basic Linux command line skills.

Lab Requirements:
Laptop (Linux, Mac or PC) with wireless connectivity and web browser, 2 core processor, 4GB memory, and 10GB free hard drive space minimum.

Course Materials:
Video Lectures
Digital Lab Guide
Vagrant-based Docker and Kubernetes Lab Environments.

Course Details:

  • Full, permanent access to the course materials. (You buy it, it’s yours)
  • Includes online course content for self-paced study and review(Learn when and where you want)
  • Vagrant environments that you deploy and run on your laptop.
  • Practical, hand-on labs that show you the skills you will actually use when working with Kubernetes.
  • A bonus introduction to working with Docker Containers with an included lab.
  • Review your learning throughout the class and take the final certificate review to prove you know Kubernetes.
  • Learn Kubernetes and become a Container technology leader.
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Container tech is one of the technologies that has a “skills gap” – more demand than people available to fill positions- and we think there is no good reason it exists. Any company that is dealing with Container management could use someone with the skills you will learn in this course.

Get started on your journey to Container mastery.

Learning this cutting edge technology may well be the thing that sets you apart when applying for your next job or promotion.

After completing this class you will know the basics of how to setup and manage a Kubernetes system.

A few of the topics we’ll cover include:
  Why Kubernetes? How does does Kubernetes make it easy to manage Docker (and rkt) applications at scale?
 Kubernetes Architecture. Understand Pods, Clusters, Replica Sets and Deployments and, more importantly, how to create them and automate their management.
  Understand how Containerized applications are deployed, replicated and rolled forward or back.
  And much more!


Now is your time to become a Container Systems Operator.

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Meet the Instructor

Robert Starmer is Kumulus Technologies’ CTO and Founder. With over 20 years of experience with devops practices, site reliability engineering, and application development, he is a firm believer in making systems management easy (and automated). He has helped companies small and large, integrate and automate their application supporting infrastructure. He is also a veteran technology teacher, having provided training to a range of customers – Cisco, Time Warner Cable, Sungard AS, and more. He brings his practical experience to bear on this course by providing you with the practical skills you realistically need to understand and work with this system.

A few recent events Robert has presented at.

Containers #101 Meetup

An introduction to how Containers are disrupting Cloud Services. Watch the Presentation

SFBay Area Open Stack Meetup

Robert discusses how OpenStack and Containers can function together. See Robert Speak. Watch the Video.

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you will get

  • An introduction to the architecture and function of the software you must know.
  • The step-by-step guidance you need to deploy and run the infrastructure on your own laptop
  • A practical, hands-on lab experience that will give you and practice actually using the software to deploy, run and manage Docker-based Containers.
  • An online, self-paced course that you own forever. Learn at your own pace.
  • Access to online course support.

A better way to learn Kubernetes

Learn what it take to actually operate a Kubernetes system. You’ll be learning from a SRE that has put Kubernetes into production use. Get practical experience with hands-on labs that will help you really understand Kubernetes function and use.

KUB-100 Kubernetes Fundamentals

Get a practical, working knowledge of Kubernetes’ functionality and how to implement it.

  • Know Kubernetes architecture, function and operations
  • Knowledge Review
  • Certificate of Acheivement
  • Introduction to Advanced Topics
  • Twice the content of other one-day ILT courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are introductory courses and, while familiarity with the Linux command line interface will be helpful, the course is designed for student with no prior experience to be able to complete successfully.
Yes. In fact, you’ll get instructions to set up a fully functioning Docker (DKR-050) or Docker and Kubernetes (KUB-050) environment. These will serve you for initial evaluation and for ongoing development (production often requires a bit more effort).
All our courses are enabled with discussion sections for each module. You can submit comments or questions and expect a response within 24 hrs, and often much less!
Once you have registered, you have permanent access to all course materials. In addition, we are fanatical about keeping our content current. As long as you stay signed up for the Kumulus newsletter (which is optional), you’ll even get notified when your course gets updated.
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