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Custom Developer and Operator Training


Custom Course Development Your development and operations processes are likely unique to your organization.  Kumulus Technologies engineers work with a wide variety of development and operations tools, and we can turn your processes into a course or set of courses that meet your specific requirements.  We specialize in container first methodologies, with a GitOps/DevOps mindset, but we have engineers who have worked in most development and operations environments to ensure that your specific requirements are both well understood and well covered.

Cloud Computing


How to Explain Cloud Computing to Your Boss

By the end of the course, you will be able to articulate what the cloud really is and how it is relevant to your business and professional goals. You'll be able to comfortably and confidently explain cloud computing to others who may not have a high level of technical expertise. Learn more.


Cloud Native Application Development

This course provides a comprehensive survey of open source tools and fundamental software development principles that are useful for anyone interested in a DevOps, SRE, or "FullStack" developer career.  During this course, you will understand how modern DevOps tools simplify the automated deployment of infrastructure, testing of code in the development process, and final deployment of that code as a running application.Learn more.



Linux Containers: An Introduction to Working with Docker

This course is intended to provide you with a basic understanding of what Docker is and how it is used to manage and run applications. You will also learn how the related "Docker Ecosystem" applications and tools help app developers work with and manage Docker containers. Learn more.



Continuous Integration on GitLab

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of how GitLab continuous integration works.  You’ll have hands-on experience setting up GitLab CE and adding users, projects, ci jobs, and runners. Learn more.



Using Helm to Manage Application Deployment on  Kubernetes

Helm makes it super-easy to install standard workloads on Kubernetes. And with the magic of the integrated Helm Charts feature, it provides a model to describe even the most complex Kubernetes applications. The best part? It does all this repeatably and reliably.  Learn more.



Introduction to Istio-Service Mesh for Cloud-Native Kubernetes Applications

Gain a functional understanding of how Istio provides a service mesh on Kubernetes to effectively and efficiently manage microservices-based, cloud-native applications.  Understand how Istio's features help simplify microservices management complexity for both cloud operators and application developers. Learn more.



Introduction to Kubernetes: Run Docker Containers at Scale

This course will provide you with an understanding of the basic architecture and functionality of Kubernetes, an orchestrating/scheduling system for Docker containers. Follow along on your laptop  as you instructor shows you how to launch Kubernetes and use it to deploy, manage and troubleshoot Docker containers. Learn more.


Kubernetes Basics: A Starter Kit for Cloud Computing

If you want to get started with cloud computing, you need to understand containers, and that means you MUST learn about the Kubernetes tool. This course will give you the essential foundation. Containers have revolutionized the way that modern, cloud-native, web-scale applications are being built and run, and Kubernetes is the preeminent container orchestration/scheduling software being used to deploy and manage those applications. Learn more.


Advanced App Operations with Kubernetes

Moving beyond the install, this advanced Kubernetes course focuses on the ongoing operations of your app, including the tools needed to keep your Container Orchestration Environment (COE) and the applications it is managing healthy and resilient. Lecture-based content is reinforced with hands-on lab exercises that serve as starting points for building your own Kubernetes environmentsLearn more.



OpenStack Bootcamp (Live Class)

This is a five day, intensive, instructor-led course. There are four days of live instruction and a final day of review for the OpenStack Foundation's Certified OpenStack Administrator exam (COA). At the conclusion of this course, you will be ready to take the COA. Learn more.


Continuous Deployment with Jenkins on OpenStack

Join Kumulus Technologies' Lead Application Developer, James Starmer, as he explores the continuous deployment (CD) space, starting with a simple example, and building to a fully working CD pipeline based around Jenkins, Maven, and OpenStack. Learn more.