Happy 6th Birthday OpenStack!

OpenStack was perhaps initially ‘conceived’ in the form of the Nasa Nebula project right down the road from us, at the NASA Ames Research Center, but was ‘born’ at the first Design Summit in Austin, TX- July 13-14, 2010.  We attended last week’s birthday party hosted by the SF Bay OpenStack to celebrate our favorite open source cloud middleware turning six.

Although food, beverages and silly hats were available in abundance, 240 OpenStackers were also there to hear a series of 5 minute ‘lightning talks’ on a range of OpenStack related topics from cloud security, to diversity, to networking issues. Kumulus CTO Robert Starmer gave a presentation on the question of whether OpenStack is even relevant in the age of containers.

Here are the talks with direct links to each.

Introduction – Lisa-Marie Namphy
Certified OpenStack Administrator Certification – Heidi Skupien Bretz
Keystone Misconceptions – Guang Yee, Sean Perry
Containers and OpenStack – Robert Starmer
Scaling OpenStack Storage – Bill Borsari
Walmart Labs as an OpenStack Customer and Contributor – Sean Roberts
Moving Packets from NICs to VMs – Sujata Tibrewala
Networking and OpenStack – Wendy Cartee
Why is OpenStack Secure? – Bryan Stephenson
Building Diversity and Community – Lisa-Marie Namphy, Patricia Dugan
OpenStack Upgrades – Arvind Soni

If you live in the bay area (or even happen to pass through on occasion) consider joining this vibrant community. You can find details here: SF Bay OpenStack Meetup.