OpenStack Kubernetes IaaS is this a Cloud Computing management system whose time has come?

SF Bay OpenStack Meetup – OpenStack on Kubernetes?

This two-part session at the SFBay OpenStack Meetup looks at the idea of an Openstack Kubernetes IaaS. OpenStack was designed as a virtual server-focused IaaS platform. Kubernetes is the Google-invented, open source Container management platform. The meetup starts with a brief discussion by John Starmer, Kumulus Tech’s Director of Education, of the relationship between OpenStack and Containers in general, before considering the possibility of treating OpenStack as a distributed, microservice-like application ready for containerization and then management with a container operating environment like Kubernetes – the conceptual architecture behind a combined OpenStack Kubernetes IaaS. The second session is a much deeper dive into the OpenStack Kubernetes IaaS concept by RackN‘s CEO and Founder, Rob Hirschfeld, into the pros, cons, and possibilities of using Kubernetes as an underlay for OpenStack.

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Jump to John’s Talk: OpenStack and Containers, Will They Blend? A Prequel.
Jump to Rob’s talk: Will it Blend? A Joint OpenStack and Kubernetes Environment.

Presentation Notes:
John’s Talk:
OpenStack and Containers: Presentation Slides.
Kubernetes on OpenStack – Demo by Michael Shulz (HPE) and Robert Starmer (Kumulus Tech) from OpenStack Days Seattle: Part 1 and Part 2.

OpenStack Kolla – Single Node OpenStack Deployment using Docker Containers: Watch the Demo. Includes Ansible scripts to try it yourself!

Rob’s Talk:
A Joint OpenStack and Kubernetes EnvironmentPresentation Slides Note: The presentation is embedded and preceeds the actual slide deck.
Cloud Austin Meetup presentation on Container Security:Kubernetes and PKI

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Thanks to for sponsoring this event! And extra special thanks to Ron Pagani for volunteering time to enable the excellent live stream of the event and enable the recording you get to watch above.