The COA is the Professional OpenStack Certification that will accelerate your career.


Don’t just think you are ready to take the
Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam. Be certain.

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Course Overview

  • An instructor-led, per project review of key OpenStack actions any OpenStack manager must know.
  • Practice answering COA-like questions to test you knowledge and get comfortable with the exam format.
  • Appropriate references to ‘deeper dives’ on each topic, conveniently organized for each COA exam topic.
  • Orientation to the exam format and process. Know what to expect on exam day!

“When we were helping the [OpenStack] Foundation with validating the initial COA exams, we saw the need for a clear way evaluate our readiness. This review course gives OpenStack admins and operators the power to do so.”
John Starmer,
Director of Education,
Kumulus Technologies

Here is what we will cover

Topic Review

Review the primary actions expected of an OpenStack Administrator for each of the COA Exam requirement sections, including troubleshooting strategy.

Example Problems

Review questions for each COA requirement topic are provided in a format similar to the exam. Questions are mapped to the resources needed to answer them.

Know The Docs

You need to know the docs for the COA. Period. To help with this, as a bonus, you’ll get our on demand COA review course (KTOS-305) – a $197 value- for free. There, you’ll get access to the key documentation sources (with links) for each project.

EXAM Strategy

Finally, you will get an overview of what to expect of the actual exam process. Learn what to do when you actually sit down on COA exam day.

One time payment of $997

Upcoming Course Dates

San Jose, California       September 17, 2016       Register
Barcelona, Spain           October 24, 2016             Register
Brisbane, Australia       November 9, 2016           Register
San Jose, California       November 17, 2016         Register
Austin, Texas                 November 22, 2016         Register

Robert Starmer, Founder & CTO, Kumulus Technologies

About your instructor

Having helped with COA beta testing, Robert is one of the first to pass the COA Exam – and this was even after the proctor did not let him reference the OpenStack docs! With 20 years of experience in automating IT data systems from infrastructure to application, Robert was an early OpenStack adopter and has been deeply involved with OpenStack as a contributor (Neutron Project), cloud operator, instructor and advocate.

Robert insisted on building this class because he feels strongly that this is the certification student should be taking and passing. In his words,
“The COA is game changing because it finally provides a certification that proves that someone can use OpenStack.”

Need to know more about the COA before deciding if you need to take a class? We’ve put together a study guide based on OpenStack Foundation data that will help you understand what you know – and what you still need to know – to pass the COA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One time payment of $997

Kumulus Technologies is an OpenStack Foundation Training Partner. We are working to build the next generation of cloud operators, administrators and developers. Learn more about our courses and training options at

Disclaimer: Enrolling in the Kumlus Technologies Certified OpenStack Administrator review does not guarantee results on the Certified OpenStack Administrator’s Exam. Kumulus Technologies does not produce or administer the OpenStack Foundation’s COA exam nor does this course imply endorsement of this program by the Foundation or any other third party.