Why do Linux Containers like Docker, rkt and LXC and LXD matter? How do they improve on the VM model and why are microservices.

A Quick Introduction to Virtual Containers

Linux Containers – Docker, LXC, rkt and the like – are the current darling of much of the application development and virtualization world. Seemingly the cure to everything that ailed bloated virtual machines and accelerating (and adored by) the microservices development community, Containers have very real benefits compared to virtual machines in Cloud environments.

But are they really ‘the answer to everything” in the virtualization space? Join our CTO, Robert Starmer, as he provides some history, explains the current state and clears up some of the fog around what containers are and actually can do for us.

If you are looking for a slightly deeper dive into this technology, check out our micro-course that covers how microservices, Docker Containers and the Kubernetes Container orchestration engine work together to provide resilient, efficient cloud -native applications at webscale. Learn more here: KUB010 – Container Tech for New Users.