Docker Containers are declining with the rise of Kubernetes and now an Open Source Mesosphere DCOS

Mesosphere open sources DC/OS – and gives Docker a push toward the Beach

With the announcement of Mesosphere open sourcing it’s Mesos-based DC/OS container management solution, and Kubernetes clearly pushing to enable underlying container models other than Docker, is Docker the next target for crushing defeat? The darling of the container community has been getting roughed up a bit recently, with their Docker Cloud announcement falling flat (partially due to an odd pricing strategy), and the community in general a bit disturbed by the attempts to limit innovation by sticking to interfaces that are becoming non-standard.

The groundswell of support behind Kubernetes as an alternative to Docker, while still using Docker as the actual container runtime, has been growing rapidly, in no small part due to the support of the juggernaut of Google’s support behind the project. And now with Mesosphere open sourcing it’s variant on the theme, with stated support from a number of other tech giants, such as Microsoft, Cisco and Hewlett Packard, there’s a major disturbance in the fabric of the container community. Does it make sense to keep up developing on Docker, when no-one in the community feels they’ll get any support for their capabilities? I think not.

Want to find out more about DCOS? Here is Mesosphere’s DCOS open sourcing announcement.