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Get Ready to Advance your Kubernetes Knowledge

Are you cloud-ready?

Cloud-native applications built on microservice architecture and running at web scale are the new status quo for SaaS providers or most any startup worth its salt. Along with the desire to build the next unicorn or just capture a competitive edge in an existing market comes the need for talent that can build and manage the systems to run the needed applications. Could this be your next challenge? We provide professional grade instructor-led and online, on-demand Kubernetes training that is tactical, not theoretical.

Wait. Why do I need this Kubernetes thing anyway?

Kubernetes has become the software of choice for running Docker-based apps in the Cloud at a massive, distributed scale. With any new technology, there is always an initial “skills gap” – demand being greater than the talent pool. A search on, listed over 1500 jobs where Kubernetes was a requirement or desirable skill with a pay range between $95,000 and $130,000. Kubernetes is absolutely one of those cases and if you are looking to develop your career in the direction of the cutting edge of IT and systems engineering, this is a space to become familiar with.

While Docker remains the container format of choice for most developers, Kubernetes (aka k8s) has become the community’s choice for managing those containers at scale. Developed by Google, based on their Borg orchestration engine, and then open sourced, it has become one of the fastest growing projects on Github. It is designed to work across public, private or hybrid clouds and is equally performant on virtualized servers or bare metal. Kubernetes leverages Docker’s container format and runtime (and has added beta support for the CoreOS rkt format) and focuses on container scheduling and management at web scale. If you are new to Kubernetes, our 5MoC video episode will give you a 5-minute intro to the technology and touches on its abilities for scheduling, DNS, load balancing, service discovery, autoscaling and much more.

Learn smart – self-paced, online Kubernetes training

Recognizing the growing demand for trained professionals and not seeing the necessary learning opportunities, Kumulus Technologies has developed, battle-tested and released a series of online Kubernetes training that gets technologists not just familiar, but comfortable and competent working with this new technology.

These are on-demand, self-paced courses that we initially developed for one of our Fortune 500 customers and that are focused on providing high-value learning environments for students. On-demand video lectures and vendor agnostic labs (that you can deploy on your laptop or any other compute model of choice) are designed to give you the ability to learn in an environment that makes the most sense for your needs and goals. Lifetime access to content for review and live instructor office hours further provide you with the resources you need to succeed.

Find out more about course options (including FREE access to our k8s, Docker and Microservices microcourse) here on our Kubernetes Learning Path page.