PacketPushers: Datanauts Podcast 060: Running OpenStack in Containers

Robert Starmer talks with Datanauts host Drew Conry-Murray about the general whys and hows of operating OpenStack in Containers. They then explore the relationship between OpenStack and Kubernetes, and how stateful services like storage and databases might function. Finally, they discuss the Kolla project which leverages Ansible and Docker to deploy and manage OpenStack.

Click on the image below to either listen online or download an MP3 for later.

packetpushers 2

Check out how a single node Kolla deployment works. Watch a demo and then try it yourself with the required Ansible scripts available on Github: Deploying OpenStack with Kolla.

New! Multi-node Kolla Deployment tutorial: Deploying a Multi-node IaaS with OpenStack Kolla.