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  • Episode 005

    In this episode, Robert Starmer, looks at knative, Kubernetes-based platform to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads and considers the implications for the "NoOps" development model.

  • Episode 003

    Digital transformation, moving your business 'to the cloud' is a complex process that involves both technology and cultural shifts in a business. In this episode, Kumulus Technologies CTO, Robert Starmer runs through the basics of how to approach this change to make sure this becomes a business value rather than a drain.

  • Episode 009

    Whether your app is a monolith or microservice, Linux containers (Docker, LXC, Kata Containers) all have similar characteristics that help you move your application from a legacy system to a cloud environment. In this episode, Robert Starmer, CTO of Kumulus Technologies, looks at how containers help in the digital transformation process. He looks at the security benefits and considerations, how containers accelerate development processes, how containers provide better customer service and more. Hit play now to learn more.

  • Episode 001

    Join Robert Starmer as he dives into the value and inner workings of the concept of service mesh as it applies to microservices and hybrid cloud use cases, with a focus on the CNCF supported Istio service mesh on Kubernetes.

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