Preregistration for our COA Exam Review is now Open!

The OpenStack Foundations’s Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam was introduced this week at the Austin OpenStack summit. As experience with OpenStack can translate to substantial increases in earnings, having a way to validate your OpenStack abilities is desirable. While other vendors have provided OpenStack certifications previously, they came with no validation from the foundation that oversees OpenStack development.

OpenStack Certified Administrator Exam ReviewLeading up to the official launch of the exam, we found that despite the requirements outline provided by the foundation, there was too little guidance about what was expected. Having now participated in the beta testing process and gotten feedback from participants from the 1.0 version of the exam, we are nearing completion of a COA exam review.

The exam review provides three primary benefits:

  • Gives you a tool to evaluating your preparedness to take the COA exam.
  • Provides finer-grained details on the OpenStack functions you should be familiar with as an admin.
  • Gives you experience with responding to questions similar (but not the same as) those you will see on the COA exam.

Note This is a review course and, much like the exam itself, expects that you are already competent at OpenStack administration. Taking this review will not, in itself, teach you how to become an OpenStack administrator. Our review course also does not include the exam, which you can sign up for here.

Make sure that you will feel confident that you are ready to take the COA exam. Click the button below to get more details. Preregister before May 20, 2016 for a 30% discount.

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