Saas on OpenStack (Software-as-a-Service)

Using OpenStack to Support a SaaS Cloud

OpenStack is, first and foremost, built to provide an Infrastructure-as-a-Service, however, its versatility has lent it to breaking out of that box and being used to build and support both PaaS and SaaS clouds. In this episode Robert Starmer, the CTO of Kumulus Technologies discusses how SaaS works and how specifically the Murano (Application Catalog) and Heat (Orchestration) projects enable SaaS on top of OpenStack.

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Need a refresher/update on the what exactly SaaS is? Check out the 5MoC NIST Cloud Model review. Start with the overview: Part 1: The NIST Model or dive into the IaaS/PaaS/SaaS discusson: Part 3: Cloud Service Models.

Show Notes
Here are links to projects mentioned in the video:
Murano (OpenStack Application Catalog)
Heat (OpenStack Orchestration)