Silicon Valley OpenStack Ops Meetup: Simplifying your OpenStack Deployments with layer 3 multi-tenancy

We had the pleasure of helping the Romana Project implement the Neutron IPAM API integration. At this meetup,
our CTO, Robert Starmer will join the Romana Project‘s Chris Marino in a talk and demo of the IPAM integration provides network multi-tenancy without an overlay and using only routed layer 3 networks. Using Neutron’s new IP Address Management (IPAM) APIs as well as a route controller, the Romana solution provides network and security automation to OpenStack deployments. Robert will be running a live demo of the multi-tenant network isolation and further demo Kubernetes running on OpenStack using Romana network automation to avoid overlay networks for containers as well. an opensource SDN solution that integrates with OpenStack Neutron networking.Why the L3 approach?
Layer 3 networks are reliable and scalable. This is why webscale operators like Google, Facebook and other use layer 3 throughout their infrastructure. However, for multi-tenant cloud deployments, the traditional approach for network isolation is to use layer 2 VLANs, which are hard to scale and limit flexibility for workload placement within the datacenter.

Why not use an overlay network?
Overlay networks can solve these problems- typically with a SDN controller- but this approach can impact performance and require active management of tunnel endpoints. Cloud Native applications can be deployed completely on layer 3 networks. The growing popularity of cloud native apps gives operators an opportunity to simplify their cloud infrastructure while providing the expected level of application performance.

A second talk by Datera‘s Bill Borsari will cover Datera’s Elastic Data Fabric (EDF), an elastic block storage solution that is deployable within enterprises and service providers on industry-standard x86 servers. EDF is intended to improve datacenter automation and efficiency by delivering continuous intelligent infrastructure at improved speed, agility and economics. Bill’s talk will discuss how Datera EDF can power Openstack and Container workloads and any scale.

Click here to sign up. Core meetup details below. Hope to see you there! (Refreshments will be provided! 😉 )