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Case Study - Enabling DevOps workflow with Microservices and Containers

A Fortune 500 telco provider is in the process of modernizing their internal development process for operational support tools and for customer service applications, and in doing so, they need to migrate their applications to a container-based artifact approach from a current RPM packaging model, as well as implementing a rework of their current release process to automate the end-to-end application delivery pipeline.   The customer's applications are already multi-component but are not microservices based...

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  • Romana.io a SDN solution that integrates with OpenStack Neutron networking.
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It doesn't matter whether your specific focus is application development or the supporting infrastructure system's reliability. Integrating development with operations will provide you with improved confidence in system and program releases, reduce or eliminate bugs, and give you a greater ability to react to changing market environments. The aggregate result of these benefits will assuredly improve your bottom line.

If you've never implemented a DevOps work flow, the variety of tools, techniques and integrations can be daunting. Whether you just need a better understanding of what DevOps is, or you're ready to get started on implementing your own work flow, we can help. Contact us at info@kumul.us to learn how.

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