Enterprise IaaS systems are hosting #LegacyApps on infrastructure intended for #Cloud-native applications. Will it work?

What Changes for Enterprise Applications Running on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Do modern Enterprise IaaS systems have a place for enterprise applications from pre-Cloud times? Infrastructure-as-a-Service is a core service model in Cloud Computing, but its basic approach to how it handle resiliency drastically differs from the traditional rock-solid infrastructure model traditionally employed for enterprise applications. Add to that the fact that most cloud-native application models are based on a scale-out approach, again contrasted with the traditional enterprise scale-up model, and it would seem that enterprise applications (at least legacy apps) don’t have a place in the cloud. Is this really correct, though? Kumulus Tech CTO and Founder, Robert Starmer, looks at this question and provides some suggestions on how it may be possible to make an enterprise app work in the Cloud and considers some of the places where legacy architecture needs some extra care in the cloud.

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