Daniel Bert, Rob Hirschfeld, Lisa-Marie Namphy, Robert Starmer discuss the future and function of OpenStack and Kubernetes being run jointly... or not.

OpenStack and Kubernetes – Combining the Best of Both Worlds?

Kubernetes has been thought of, incorrectly, as a direct competitor to OpenStack by some. A more appropriate view recognizes OpenStack and Kubernetes as conceivably complementary and considers the benefits of combining them. This opens up the question of which project is dominant in controlling the infrastructure? Does OpenStack build and control virtual-server infrastructure that is used to deploy Kubernetes? Does Kubernetes control a containerized OpenStack that then controls virtual and bare metal servers? OR how about Kubernetes running OpenStack running Kubernetes?

This panel discussion from the Boston OpenStack Summit brings together a group of technologists– Daniel Berg, IBM; Rob Hirschfeld, RackN; Lisa-Marie Namphy, US OpenStack Ambassador; and our own CTO, Robert Starmer– that have experience with some of these permutations and are deeply aware of the benefits and limits that both projects bring to bear on the issue of infrastructure management. Learn about the current state of the inter-relationship between the projects, gain insight into what the future may hold and if a sole winner will emerge… Click the video below to play!