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New Introductory Kubernetes Courses are now Available

If you need Kubernetes training like, yesterday, “read the docs” is not really a helpful answer. We’ve just released two new introductory courses as part of our k8s learning path that will jump you over the steep part of the learning curve and get you oriented and working with Kubernetes in less than a day. Both courses are self-paced online versions of classes we have taught to Fortune 500 companies to rave reviews. Our new Kubernetes learning path will take you as far with Kubernetes as you want to go.

KUB050 – Kubernetes Quickstart
This course is essentially a Kubernetes training boot camp. With just a few hours of effort, you’ll get oriented to what Kubernetes is, what the working pieces are and then get hands on to really learn how Kubernetes works. If you need an initial, but functional understanding of what Kubernetes is and what the experience of using it to deploy and scale Container apps. The course will get you real experience with a fully functional Kubernetes environment that you can continue to explore.

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KUB100 – Kubernetes Fundamentals
If you are ready to get serious with Kubernetes training, this course will prepare you to start running a K8S cluster to deploy your own applications. This course is our one-day Kubernetes ILT introduction in a self-paced format. The course provides an introduction to the Docker ecosystems and Docker Containers in particular. (Kubernetes manages Docker Containers by default.) You’ll then dive into Kubernetes and learn the process of application deployment and working with the all important k8s Pods. You’ll also get experience with the critical core topics of service deployment and scale management, network and storage integrations, and more.

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