What is Cloud. The US NIST Cloud Model Explained

Answering the question, “What is Cloud?” can be hard. This will help.

With all the opinion-based cloud computing definitions out there, it is hard to come to an agreement about what “the Cloud” or a ‘cloud service’ is. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed a clear and concise definition of what “Cloud” is that has been broadly adopted, both nationally and internationally.

In this first of four videos on the NIST Definition of Cloud Computing, Robert Starmer, CTO and Principal of Kumulus Technologies, provides an overview of the characteristics, service models, and access models that together define a Cloud. With this knowledge, you will be able to confidently help your befuddled colleagues and clients with a concise answer to the question “What is Cloud?”

If you find this video helpful, check the links to the other videos in the series at the bottom of the page

The three other videos in this series dive deeper into the details of the specific characteristics, services, and deployment models the NIST model presents.

You can watch them here:

Part 2 The pieces that come together to make a Cloud: The Five Essential Characteristics.
Part 3 The four core cloud services: Infrastructure, Platform, and Software-as-a-Service
Part 4 The four cloud service models: Public, Hybrid, Private, and Community Cloud