OpenStack Summit: Our experience with OpenStack IP Address Management (IPAM) APIs - an opensource SDN solution that integrates with OpenStack Neutron networking.We’ve been working with the Romana Project, an OpenStack-integrated software defined networking (SDN) solution to get their top notch IPAM solution to integrate with Neutron’s IPAM APIs. The journey was challenging, but the end result was worth the effort and provides a cloud-native SDN solution that integrates not only with OpenStack VM and container models, but also management systems such as Kubernetes and Mesos.

Our CTO, Robert Starmer, shared a demo of the technology along with the presentation by Romana Project’s lead, Chris Marino (@chris_marino). Here are further details from the Austin Summit website: Case Study: Neutron IPAM APIs and External IPAM Integration. (Or you could just watch the video!)

Here are the slides: Romana OpenStack Summit IPAM Presentation